Often times, it’s the package that sells the product and makes it stand out from competitors. So the package has to be right. At Independent, we’ll work with you to create the perfect paperboard receptacle for your product. 

Here are some key questions to ask when selling paperboard packaging:

  • How will the package be used? What is the end-use of product? (Example – are you looking for a cereal type paperboard carton vs. a corrugated shipper type box? Type of stock & caliper?)
  • What will be going in it?
  • Is this an existing carton or a new item from scratch?  If new, we need a prototype made.  If existing, do they have a sample or dieline they can send us?
  • How many colors?
  • Are any other Special Effects required? (For example, Embossing / Debossing, Foil Stamping, etc…)
  • Filled by hand or by machine?  If filled by hand, will IPC be filling?  If by machine, what are the machine specs?
  • Will this be exposed to heat, cold, or moisture?
  • How much do the contents weigh?
  • Will the contents be wrapped before being put in folding carton?
  • Is the carton a one-time run or would it possibly repeat?
  • Is the carton going to be placed into another box for shipping?  Are there specific packing specs required?
  • Will the carton be sealed? Shrink wrapped?, etc…
  • If displayed, how is it placed on shelf? Horizontal, vertical, flat, hanging, stacked, etc…
  • When is your projected launch date?
  • What is the anticipated lifespan of the package? (For example, will it sit in a warehouse for up to 18 months?)
  • Are there specific packing specs required?

Whatever your packaging objective, paperboard packaging has been promoting, protecting and enhancing the way products are attracting the consumer. No other packaging material offers as much creativity and versatility.