Make Sure Your Box Measures Up!

Getting an accurate measurement of your box is more important than you might think. An incorrectly sized box will result in an inaccurate price quote which can lead to wasted time and lost dollars. Make sure you get the best price possible, and avoid confusing your estimator, by following a few easy steps.

These are the measurements you will be concerned with.

  • Length- From left to right.
  • Width- From front to back.
  • Depth- From top to bottom.

And here is how you find them:

  1. Set the box down with the opening/loading side facing up. (As though you were about to fill the box.)
  2. Take the measurement from left to right. This will be your length.
  3. Measure the side panels from front to back to get the width of the box. As a general rule of thumb, the width is a smaller number than the length. However, the length and width will be the same if the box is square.
  4. To finish, take the measurement from the top to the bottom of the box. (Don't include the closure flaps.) This will let you know the depth of the box.